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Izapo doesn't like their previous designs so they want to revamp their designs and want to make them more premium. So we redesign their packings and also provide printing works as well. After revamping the designs, they really achieve the goal, that they want for a long time. With packaging designs and printing works, we also provide web development, web designing, identity designing some more things.


  • Printing Solutions
  • Identity Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Product Design
  • Packaging Design

Brand Iedentity

Typography Structure

Main Colour

Main Colour

Packaging Design

A better quality product packaging design is more likely to attract your potential customers and set your product apart from the competition. So if you are not able to attract your customers, then try to revamp your packaging design. That's what we did at IZAPO. We revamped its packaging and make it more premium and quality full. And it paid off for IZAPO. Today, IZAPO has a different place in their field that is unmatchable for their competition.

Coconut Shisha

We don’t design for brands, we design for potential customers and our coconut shisha design is the perfect example of this.

Five Guys

A better design create stories, just like our five guys.

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